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Scott Hartley is a web developer, college student, and is our Senior Editor. Scott has worked on several sites including The Daily Exposition, and The Arcade Corner. When Scott is not working on websites or studying for classes he is likely reading about various scientific discoveries and experiments.

Watch The Latest Pixar Short

While the latest Pixar movie is a bit of a way out a new short film Coco has arrived. Titled “Dante’s Lunch the video follows the Xolo dog Dante and his quest to find a bone. Since Coco is set in a magical, world this is not an ordinary bone. The animated bone does not comply with Xolo and drives them on a wild chase as they go on their wacky and entertaining adventure. Lee Unkrich the...[Read More]

Minecraft Glide Mini Game Trailer

“The first DLC pack going out will be themed around beasts,” says David. “We have a kraken-themed level which takes inspiration from Battle’s Cove map. You burst out into a huge open area with two battling ships and a giant, giant kraken that you fly right up and over. It’s a really great experience. Then we have an exciting glacial track that uses the Ice Spikes biome as inspiration. We have lots...[Read More]

A New Pokemon Go Update Has Been Released

A new update has been released for the popular mobile game Pokemon go. However, there doesn’t appear to be anything of interests and there are no new features. This update which was outlined on their website, focuses on their seven-day “First PokeStop of the Day” challenge. Previously you were awarded 2.5k XP and other items for the Photo Disc when you visited a PokeStop Everyday...[Read More]

April’s First Free PlayStation Plus Game Announced

The first free game for the month of April for PlayStation Plus gamers has been revealed. This is a brand new game launching on the PlayStation 4. Drawn to Death, is a new game from developer David Jaffee, who has written titles such as God of War and Twisted Metal. The game will be free for PlayStation Plus members on April 4th. Afterwards, you will have to purchase the game for $20. Drawn to Dea...[Read More]

Drawn to Death Videos

Drawn to Death

Drawn To Death will be an arena shooter like you’ve never played before. Part of the reason for this is our unique game play. And part of the reason is that the game takes place inside the notebook of a very creative teenage kid; it’s a violent and bizarre landscape filled with all of the weird, amazing, passionate, and exciting fantasies that are swimming around in the head of our teenage art...[Read More]

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