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In-Game Goodies Announced For 2016’s BlizzCon Virtual Ticket

Whenever BlizzCon rolls around Blizzard normally gives a bag of in-game goodies and rewards and this...[Read More]

PlayStation Store Is Down & Sony Is Working To Fix It [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] According to the PlayStation Network Service Status page, all services are up and running c...[Read More]

Summer 2016’s Biggest Box Office Flop To Lose $120 Million

Ben-Hur which is this summer’s biggest box office project according to sources that told The H...[Read More]

Daniel Craig Offered “150 Million” For Two More 007 Movies

There has been a lot of rumors over the past year or so whether or not Daniel Craig will return for ...[Read More]

The Walking Dead Game’s Season 3 To Be Released In November

The Walking Dead: Season Three is set to launch this November according to the developer and publish...[Read More]

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